Unabridged Process Shots: Fresh from the Studio

Accepting things as works in progress is hard, but valuable. So here's some of my process. I'm sharing works in progress partly as documentation for me, but also so that you, (my reader), can see how I approach a work. My approach changes constantly as does my style, but in doing this I hope to find some threads of continuity. 

In addition, you get to see how a work evolves for me. 

This is my current project. ----->

It's largescale - about 3 feet by 8 feet - mixed media painting, which, in process is very similar to what I have been making in the rest of my convolutions series, but I've added black acrylic. 

I decided to go large after having a conversation with an art professor (at one of the schools I am looking at applying to for grad school). I'll be honest: drawing with pen on a huge white sheet of paper is extremely intimidating because it seems like it takes forever. But drawing with such a small implement as a pen also forces me to focus in on a specific area and forget about the rest of the image, which, with a scale like this, makes it exciting to step back and see it coming together. 

For you artists out there: take this as encouragement to try something new - step out of your comfort zone. Of course that is kind of the point of art - to try new things - but I know that I need encouragement to do that every once in awhile. 

I'm not sure where this specific painting will go, but I'm excited to share it with you and to reveal glimpses into how I work as the days progress. My goal is to post once a week with either new artwork or the work of others, so stay tuned for more! 

Andrew Manning