Layering! How it mirrors personal complexity.

Even though I have only spent a couple more hours on this painting I am sharing some more progress shots and some thoughts about layering. 

Layering is a new way of working for me, but I like it because I think it mimicks the psychological reality of a human being. What I mean by this is: we are all a complex set of layers. We have set of characteristics in our social life, a set in our cultural life, a set in our rest life, a set in our play life, a set in our family life, you get the picture. More importantly, we have layers of ourself, some of which are hidden even from us. These layers are penetrated in community and we begin to realize gradually more of who we are. Yet, I believe the truth about all of us is that we are more complex than we believe. 

This painting I believe is partly an exploration (or at least a acknowledgement) of our psychological complexity. 

Anyway, here are more process shots. It helps me to post these every week because then I stay on task. I am potentially looking to add another layer of complexity to this piece, but will have to decide, so stay tuned if you'd like to see where this goes! 



Andrew Manning