Artist, Educator, Activist


In ‘Convolutions’ I started by drawing with pen, letting shapes and form arise organically. I then overlaid those marks with blue acrylic, which both obscures and accentuates.

This series arose from my sketchbook. I had been drawing anatomy: bones, ligaments, and muscle structures. I had also been experimenting with how pen lines can combine to create the illusion of 3-dimensionality. Expanding these explorations and adding color made them into worlds of their own. The blue paint, reminiscent of water, surrounds and inhabits the form, creating a sense of liquidity.

In these paintings, I am investigating bodies – not human bodies, but body in the sense of physical matter. But these bodies do not follow physical laws. They grow, coalesce, stretch, convulse, and dissipate. As I was painting I was thinking about birth: how molecules come together to form a body, which grows in size and complexity over time, but which looks otherworldly for a while.

Bodies are strange. Anything that grows is strange. Think of a baby: it grows, sprouts pubic hair at some point, gains wrinkles at another, shrinks, and eventually breaks down. This series is an exploration of that: how bodies change, grow, and fluctuate.