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What would happen if humans annihilated themselves and animals were allowed to roam free? This series makes that possibility a reality.

Etching allowed me to create a faded look that links them to memories, which also fade. Also, black and white imagery is linked to the past when color was either expensive, or the technology had not developed to reach that point. Working only in black and white places links these images to the past and to memory.

These are post-apocalyptic images because humans are no longer present. Perhaps they still exist, but there are no signs of them. Nature is taking over again. The buildings are worn, and crumbling, and vegetation sprouts amidst paved roadways. In this world, we are the memory. We are the insignificant.

These scenes are inspired in part by the meltdown of a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986. This event caused radiation to leak into the surrounding area and the nearby villages as well as the plant itself were evacuated. As a result, it became a wildlife sanctuary and wolves were even filmed roaming the site of the abandoned plant. I also drew inspiration from imagery of Nazi concentration camps, where humans actively worked to annihilate other humans. In both of these instances, we accidentally or intentionally caused human deaths. It is in such scenarios that the wild can begin to retake ground.

But we don’t have to be at odds with nature, we can cooperate with it if we choose, and these images present a challenge toward that end.